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                发布时间: 2016-10-11     发布人: 林超     访问次数: 57


                1、外教和留学生应遵守中国的法律、法规及学校的规章制度和纪律。校内严禁传教及宗教聚会活动(详细规定按照国务院⌒ 144号令执行)。









                10、宿舍内禁止抽烟、酗酒。节约用水、用电,如发现水、电出现故障,要Ψ 及时报告公寓值班人员。离开房间时要关闭电灯、电视、电脑等电器。不准私自接电源或检修电器开关,以防止触电事故。注意防火,酿成火灾者,须赔偿一切损失;严重者,将由司法机关追究其刑事责任。


                外事办电话:52354928   15345187551(林老师)   15345187599(施老师)       







                The Administrative Provisions forForeign guest Dormitory

                1.All of the foreign teachers and overseas students must abide by the laws and regulations of People’s Republic of China, and also include the rules and disciplines ofSanjiang University. Missionary activities and religious parties are strictly prohibited inside the campus.

                2.Please register ahead of time with the reception room if you want to receive visitors.Visitors who are Chinese should leave before 11 o’clock in the evening.

                Visitors who are foreigners should register with the local police station if they stay for more than 24 hours.

                3.Respect the local customs and habits.Respect your neighbors and keep close relations with them.

                4.If you have difficulties in life,please keep theDorm administrators

                informed.We will try our best to solve the problems and satisfy you.

                5.For the sake of safety,please inform theadministrators in advance when you are outcampus for more than 24hoursand when you will come back.

                6.Please take good care of your valuable and personal items.Don’t keep large amounts of money in your house.Deposit it in a bank. Ask theDorm administratorsto keep an eye on it if it is possible.Otherwise,you youself will undertake the consequences.

                7.Cherish the equipment in your house. Pay the full price for anything damaged.

                8.Read the directions before you operate the gas stove and electric equipment.Check the switches to see whether they are functioning.Don’t change the original arrangements of wires and make changes in gas stove by yourself. Please ask theDorm administratorsto help you if necessary.Otherwise,you yourself will undertake the consequences.

                9.Make sure all the windows are shut when you are out. Inform the policeman immediately if your house is burgled.

                10.Smoking and drinking in dormitory are strictly prohibited. Please save on water and electricity. If anyone finds that there is something wrong with the water or electricity, please tell the operator on duty. Please make sure that all the electrical equipments have been shut down when you out of your room. It is not allowed to do the power connection or examine and repair the power switch by oneself, just in case of the electric shock accident. Fire prevention must be paid much attention. The person who caught a fire accident would have to pay for all the damages. If a serious damage happens, the criminal responsibility will be ascertained through judicial authorities.


                Tel(for Foreign Affairs )           025-52354928



                Tel(fortheDorm administrators)15345183418Mrs.Feng

                Tel(for the Local Police Station )    025-52891549